Avoiding Foreclosure Options:
  • Stop the foreclosure sale
  • Lower current payments
  • Reduce your interest rate
  • Move money due to future
  • Repay arrears over months
  • Court reorganization plan
  • Walk away and owe nothing
  • Refinace out of foreclosure
  • Special personalized options
Avoiding mortgage foreclosure can become all-consuming to people needing assistance
with ways to keep their home. Some services claim avoiding foreclosure as a specialty
when they really want to force you out of your house, for their own profit. Other
services may provide information and assistance in avoiding mortgage foreclosure by
utilizing their own type of service, but that may not represent the right service for you.
Offers of help avoiding home foreclosure seem to attack from every direction, but as
much as you do truly need to save your home, you know choosing the wrong foreclosure
avoiding service or service provider could lead to disaster. Here at Avoiding Mortgage
Foreclosure we provide the help and information to avoid your own foreclosure - FREE!
Current Home Value:

Property State:

Cash on hand to save the house within 30 days (Including money from family and friends):

Amount of money you can spend on monthly housing payments starting next month (Not what is due; enter what you can comfortably afford):

First Mortgage Principal Balance without arrearage and legals:

Current First Mortgage Monthly Scheduled Payment:

The site AvoidingMortgageForeclosure.com assists in two ways: first our fast interactive
programming selects the appropriate type of foreclosure avoiding service for your own personal
circumstances based on your input. The systems' logic and information for its' choices came
from a man who spent his undergraduate years working in artificial intelligence programming
with a Nobel prize winner and went on to practice law as a foreclosure prevention attorney.
The technology required here may not necessitate award winning programming, but will point people to a home saving option fitting their input criteria from choices like mortgage loan modification, chapter 13 bankruptcy, mortgage repayment plan or full reinstatement.
While AvoidingMortgageForeclosure.com should not take the place of having your own
foreclosure avoidance lawyer, it can help guide those who need additional information and
offer a hand to educate people in foreclosure about how to avoid their own foreclosure,
often by suggesting ways to halt the foreclosure that they never knew existed. After
suggesting a mortgage foreclosure avoidance method, the program proceeds to match
you with a service provider specializing in that particular foreclosure prevention technique.
For example, should you require a mortgage loan modification within 30 days of foreclosure we
know a specialist with that situation; we can help you find a bankruptcy lawyer in most parts of
the country; for standard mortgage loan modification or mortgage repayment plan negotiations
we maintain relationships with many experienced providers. When we feel your best bet looks like
a refinance we connect you directly with a mortgage broker or lender licensed to do business in
your home state. If keeping the home seems impossible we can arrange help with a short sale or
deed-in-lieu of foreclosure professional. Most services we suggest earned trusted relationships
with us over the years, and while we will not handle your case ourselves, you can call us to step in and try to get things back on track if you ever experience a problem with a foreclosure avoidance service you found via AvoidingMortgageForeclosure.com. All foreclosure prevention
services we introduce you to offer free initial consultations where they will explain exactly how they plan to save your home from mortgage foreclosure and details about who they are and what they may charge. Never will any obligation be required from you for this initial consultation.
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If you still feel you need to learn more before taking action try reading about avoiding
foreclosure through a series of free articles and FAQs
or learn more information on debt
of every variety including foreclosure
and credit card debt. In any case we wish you the
best of luck in avoiding mortgage foreclosure.
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